Is to raise the consciousness of youth and teen females concerning breast health. We provide programs that focus on health and fitness, early detection and education as it pertains to breast cancer.

Mothers Daughters And Sisters Against Breast Cancer (MDAS) was founded in July 2011 by Mrs. Sandra Hill. Sandra is a mother whose daughter, sisters and friend have been touched by breast cancer. Mrs. Hill understands the need to educate not only mature women, but youth, teens and men about their breast health. Since the beginning, the foundation has provided free mammograms and conferences where actual survivors have shared their stories and their will to be victors and not victims. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death
among women in the United States.



Distribution of breast cancer pamphlets and brochures, and answers to commonly asked questions.


Educational programs and activities to drive prevention. Understand your family history of breast cancer and lower your risk.


Consultations regarding the benefits and risks of mammograms for early detection, the right age to get mammograms, and the recommended frequency.

MDAS In Action

Ways we are impacting the community

Our latest Gift of Wellness certificates was given to: Ca-Trina Scott -- A long time volunteer for MDAS. We pray all will go well for Ca-Trina!
Shemeka Fields -- is our second recipient. Wishing the best results for you as well Shemeka!

Ca-Trina Scott / Shemeka Fields

Our first Gift Of Wellness for 2015 was presented to Franchele S.
We are grateful to report that NO cancer was found! We want to thank Franchele for allowing us to be a part of her health and wellness experience

Franchele S.

Today, I ran into a former high school classmate. She was diagnosed May 31, 2014. She is undergoing her chemo sessions and looking forward to reconstruction. Please keep her and all that are on a breast cancer journey in your prayers.

Another Survivor

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Volunteers are a valuable resource. MDAS primary objectives are Cancer Awareness, fighting against Cancer and social well-being.

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